At our Women's Imaging Center conveniently located in Southborough, Massachusetts, we offer both breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography) and digital mammography. We also provide annual screening mammograms as well as diagnostic mammograms.

Appointments for routine mammograms are currently being scheduled within four weeks.

3D Mammography

3D mammography is a new technology in the fight against breast cancer and may be used as part of your annual screening mammogram to capture more detailed breast images.

The Benefits of 3D Mammography

  • Earlier detection: Better imaging equates to earlier diagnosis.
  • More reliable results: Better imaging makes it easier to distinguish between harmless abnormalities and areas of concern.
  • Fewer callbacks: Better imaging leads to fewer repeat mammograms.

How Does 3D Mammography Work?

In a 3D mammogram, breast images are captured in multiple slices, all at different angles. The images are brought together to create a crystal-clear 3D reconstruction of the breast.

The radiologist is able to review the reconstruction, one thin slice at a time, almost like turning pages in a book. This makes it easier for doctors to see if there’s anything to be concerned about. And, there’s less chance for a cancer to hide behind overlapping tissue.

How Is 3D Mammography Used?

A 3D mammogram may be used as a screening tool in conjunction with a traditional mammogram, or it may be used by itself for a diagnostic mammogram. The process uses low dose radiation, similar to film or screen mammography, but with improved results.

Selecting Where to Get a Mammogram

Patients have the right to choose where they can get a mammogram. Your screening results are readily available and can be included in your medical record. Choose 3D mammography at Marlborough Hospital Women's Imaging Center. We are conveniently located at 28 Newton Street in Southborough, Massachusetts, and offer afternoon, evening and Saturday hours.

Bringing a “Beacon of Hope” for Cancer Care to the MetroWest Region and the 495 Corridor

The new UMass Memorial Cancer Center at Marlborough Hospital expands the UMass Memorial Health Care Cancer Center of Excellence by offering a choice for advanced cancer care close to home.

Our new center brings complete cancer care to those who live and work in the region. With such easy access, our patients and their families can better focus on recovering and getting back to the lives they knew before cancer.

The Marlborough Hospital Women’s Imaging Center is accredited by the American College of Radiology and holds a valid mammography license and certificate of inspection from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

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