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Darlene Sejour, RN, MSN, UMass Memorial – Clinton Hospital

Darlene Sejour, RN, MSN, is the program director of the Geriatric Medicine Psychiatry Program at UMass Memorial – Clinton Hospital, where she oversees program operations, coordinates daily staff rounds, communicates with nursing and other clinicians on patient status and contributes to day-to-day work with the staff. Darlene’s job is particularly focused on team cohesion: “Given the sensitivity of our patient population, it is important that all members of our team are on the same page for each patient. We work collaboratively to make sure the needs of the patient are met, and that they are as comfortable as possible.”

Darlene’s hard work and collaboration with her staff ensures a high level of stability and comfort when it comes to caring for patients, and although her job is mostly administrative, she also takes the time to interact with patients face to face. “Sometimes I communicate with patients directly and I like to make sure they know I am listening to their concerns, and trying to make them feel comfortable. During the short time that I do have with patients, I make it a point to give them a moment of joy so they can be satisfied with their care.”

Darlene also takes pride in providing a safe, healthy environment for her team, so they can then effectively care for their patients — in other words, she provides care to her fellow caregivers. “Staff and family members of patients can either find me in my office or walking the halls,” she said. “I try to make myself as available as possible.”