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Onzella (Zella) Haesche, Scheduling Coordinator, Marlborough Hospital

Onzella Haesch, Scheduling Coordinator, UMass Memorial - Marlborough Hospital, CaregiverIf you've been to UMass Memorial -- Marlborough Hospital for an outpatient exam, Zella Haesche and her team helped get you there. "We go above and beyond the call to make appointments that are convenient for patients," she said. "Maybe it's an elderly person who can only get a ride on a certain day. We go to bat for our patients and coordinate with the hospital schedules."

Every day, Zella works hard behind the scenes scheduling patients for outpatient tests and procedures, including mammograms, CT scans, nuclear stress tests and radiology/imaging. With referrals coming in from doctors throughout the MetroWest region, the job is no small feat. "It takes medical knowledge, the ability to get along with doctors and staff, knowledge of our scheduling system, and knowing where to go for resources if there's a problem," Zella said. "It takes excellent communication skills and phone manners. It takes patience."

Zella and team coordinate their efforts and keep the lines of communication open — all to get patients in and out of their exams smoothly. Staff receive ongoing professional development "to make sure they are trained according to the standards of Marlborough Hospital," Zella said. "We are constantly improving on what we do. We want patients to be satisfied with the service we provide."

A Florida native, Zella relocated to the area with her husband and has worked for the hospital since 2002. "I left for a short time, but I came back because I missed the small, community hospital environment and friendly people," she said. Before joining the staff, she was introduced to the hospital as a patient herself — after scratching her eye doing yard work. "I remember walking into the hospital and everyone we met was so friendly," she said. As a caregiver, Zella is now part of creating that welcoming, supportive atmosphere. "We try our best to make our patients comfortable and happy."