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Is the Pain of Arthritis Holding You Back?

If you or someone you love suffers from severe pain due to arthritis, joint replacement surgery may be an option. Joint replacement surgery is a very successful procedure, with hundreds of thousands performed annually to give people the ability to return to an active, pain-free life after recovery. Don’t let osteoarthritis pain hold you back any longer — contact our orthopedic specialists today.

Joint Replacement Surgery at UMass Memorial - Marlborough Hospital

If you are considering joint replacement surgery, look no further than the board-certified orthopedic specialists of Marlborough Hospital, your community resource for orthopedic care and treatment of all types of joint pain.

Your experienced team is led by highly-skilled, board-certified orthopedic surgeons and specialized nurses focused on your personalized care plan and customized pain treatments before, during and after surgery for improved, recovery.

Our joint replacement program includes:

  • Total and partial hip and knee replacements
  • Educational sessions for patients contemplating joint replacement surgery
  • Convenient, modern physical therapy site to help you regain full strength and optimal function following surgery
  • Access to highly specialized orthopedic services at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester

Expert Orthopedic Services Close to Home

If you or a loved one lives with knee pain, you already know what you are living without – the freedom and ability to live your life the way you want to. When you’re ready to reclaim the life you once had, look to the orthopedic experts at Marlborough Hospital.


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Meet Our Joint Replacement Team

Our patients benefit from this talented team of orthopedic surgeons:

Donald Hangen, MD
Stephen A. Klinge, MD
Stephen A. Klinge, MD
Paul Ponger, MD
Paul Ponger, MD
Markian Stecyk, MD

Our Locations

Convenient, accessible orthopedic care is available at our three hospitals.

UMass Memorial - HealthAlliance Hospital

Leominster, MA

855-UMASS-MD (Local: 978-466-2003)


Specializing in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of bone and joint disorders for patients of all ages

UMass Memorial - Marlborough Hospital

 Marlborough, MA

855-UMASS-MD (Local: 508-486-6790)


Offering high-quality musculoskeletal services, including emergency care, evaluation and nonsurgical and surgical treatments 

UMass Memorial Medical Center

 Worcester, MA

855-UMASS-MD (855-862-7763)


Home of the region’s largest team of leaders in orthopedic care and research providing comprehensive care for every need

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