UMass Memorial values and respects the diversity and cultural backgrounds of both our patients and our workforce. It’s one of the reasons we’re an employer of choice in Central Massachusetts. We invite you to learn more about our dedication and approach to creating an inclusive environment for everyone.


Our commitment to diversity and cultural awareness includes a wide range of events and programs that help us shape our future through inclusion. Every day, we’re creating conditions that leverage differences to achieve goals and drive innovation. 

Our diversity initiatives revolve around engagement, an inclusive academic learning environment, cultural education, community outreach and talent management.

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Diversity at UMass Memorial is an integral element of our core mission, values, strategies and key initiatives. We recognize the many cultures, languages and backgrounds of our patients and workforce. Therefore, we are mindful that integrating, valuing and promoting diversity in all that we do enhances the quality of care we provide. It also fosters a positive and productive work environment.

We demonstrate our commitment to diversity through our patient care, business integration and compliance with related policies.

Having the proper appreciation of culture and the ability to assess its impact is critical to providing quality care to all of our patients. This awareness is particularly important since it is not always possible to master all details associated with every culture represented in our culturally diverse patient population.

We work to engage and better understand our patients by maintaining awareness as it relates to communications, family roles, religion and food practices in the context of their care.


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