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Patient Registration

If you are visiting us for an outpatient appointment, be sure to check in to register upon your arrival.

In order to complete the UMass Memorial - Clinton Hospital registration process, ensure accurate billings to insurance companies, and get results to the correct doctors, the patient or guardian is responsible for providing accurate information at the time of registration.

Please present the following:

  • Government-issued photo ID (Why we ask for this)  
  • Current insurance card
  • Blue hospital ID card
  • Copayment (if required by patient's insurance company)

Where Do I Register?

  • Diagnostic and Laboratory Testing such as x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans or medical lab tests.

    Enter through the Daly Building - Emergency Department Entrance

    Check in at the registration desk located on the ground floor in the Emergency Department lobby.

  • For Women’s Health Testing, including mammograms, bone density tests and specialist physician appointments.

    Enter through the Main Hospital Entrance

    Check in at the registration desk in the Outpatient Center located on the ground floor just to the right of the main lobby.

After registering, patients are directed to either the appropriate waiting area.