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Geriatric Medical Psychiatry

The Umass Memorial - Clinton Hospital Geriatric Medical Psychiatry Program is widely recognized for providing quality care to older patients suffering from psychiatric and medical problems. Maintaining a person's independence, safety and functional ability are the primary goals of treatment. Hospitalization often lasts 10 to 15 days. The hospital's 20-bed inpatient unit provides an intensive therapeutic environment designed to:

  • Stabilize adults in medical and/or psychiatric crisis
  • Conduct multidimensional diagnostic evaluations
  • Provide short-term treatment to patients
  • Provide consultation and support to caregivers

The interdisciplinary treatment team offers individualized care to each patient. The treatment team works by collaborating with the patient, family, primary care physician or skilled nursing facility and community-based caregivers to discharge the patient to the most independent living situation possible. The staff has a genuine respect for the life experience of older people.

The program cares for patients with psychiatric or medical/psychiatric illnesses, and accepts both voluntary and involuntary admissions.

General outpatient mental health services are available at HealthAlliance Hospital, UMass Memorial Medical Center and Community Healthlink.


For 24-hour admission and referral service, call the admissions screener at 978-368-3838 or 774-696-7659