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To our caregivers and community, for all you're doing, everyday.

Got Gratitude?

We’re so proud of our caregivers’ strength and commitment to keep all of us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Exceptional care is happening everywhere you look. And right now, our caregivers could use our support. If you’d like to show your gratitude for all they’re doing, please drop a line to share a story, lend a word of encouragement or simply say thank you! We want to let our dedicated caregivers know just how lucky we are to have them!

Gratitude Gallery

Our team has been scanning Strong taking care of Mom’s and their unborn babies! We were recently presented with beverage holders inscribed with “Faith Over Fear” given to us by our amazing ASR Madelin Oquendo.
Julie is a RN whom has been sent to us from Hahnemann Hospital. She is an absolute angel! She is hard working, helpful to everyone, professional and never complains. She comes to work everyday with a positive attitude. Team Member for sure!
Wanted to say a big thank you to Travis and Miranda from food services. They take pride in their job and it shows in the way they care for our patients. We, and our patients, are lucky to have them up on 6 East!
Fourteen of our client families needed to find new housing because their apartment complex was sold. Despite the limitations of COVID-19 precautions, Sonia has worked tirelessly to help these families and so far has re-housed more than 2/3 of them.
I am so thankful to have these two incredible employees by my side. Fighting the fight each and every day. Their knowledge and expertise is a Godsend to our patients, especially during this isolating and uncertain pandemic. Thank you for your hard work!
Tireless PCA. I wish I could clone her work ethic, her heart, initiative, and love. #RESPECT

Everyday Strength Messages

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