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Complementary Care Services for Expecting & New Moms

We are now offering many services from our Complementary Care Center that will benefit new moms.

Pre and Postnatal Massage

Massage during pregnancy helps relieve the daily tension, aches and pains your body is experiencing.  It stimulates your lymphatic system, increasing immunity and the removal of toxins, as well as stabilizing hormonal levels and balancing the glandular system.  

Benefits of Pre/Postnatal Massage:        

  • Assists with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays.
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Alleviates backaches
  • Enhances sleep
  • Relieves headaches
  • Relieves leg cramps
  • Reduces swelling and edema
  • Prepares pelvic muscles for birth
  • Repositions pelvis after childbirth
  • Helps abdominal muscle tone

Prenatal massage at our Complementary Care Center is performed by having an expectant woman lie on her side, propped up with pillows or positioning the mother-to-be in a semi-reclining position propped up by pillows.

Prenatal Massage is available with Maia Wentrup at the Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center by appointment.  Call 617-549-8967 or email.


Offered primarily as a relaxation technique, Reiki eases anxiety, promotes deeper breathing, relaxation of muscles and decreased pain. 

Reiki consists of a gentle laying of hands on the body, particularly, but not limited to head, shoulders, arms/hands, knees and feet. Laboring moms often enjoy Reiki directly on the abdomen or on the lower back. It is nonmanipulative and can be given before, during or after labor. 

Reiki is available free to our patients. It’s offered by trained Reiki volunteers on certain days of the week. If you are interested in receiving a Reiki session, please share your request with your nurse and they will connect you with a volunteer to find a day and time that works for you.

Gift Certificates

Looking for the perfect gift? Gift certificates for massage can be purchased through the Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center or at the Good Intentions Gift Shop in the lobby of HealthAlliance Hospital-Leominster Campus.

New moms can receive a massage in her room before or after delivery with physician consent, and dependent upon availability of massage therapists (Contact Maia Wentrup at 617-549-8967). They can also get a massage at our Complementary Care Center in Fitchburg with  Maia Wentrup by appointment.