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Board of Trustees and Administration

Board of Trustees

  • Brian Bouvier
  • Douglas Brown
  • Daniel Carlucci, MD
  • Benjamin Colonero
  • Charles Cavagnaro, MD (ex-officio)
  • Ellen Dorian
  • Kimberly Eisenstock, MD
  • Howard Ferris (ex-officio)
  • William Fischer
  • Chandrika Jain, MD (ex-officio)
  • Joseph Leandres
  • Ann Molloy, Esq., Vice Chair
  • Michael Murphy, Chair
  • Philip Purcell
  • Steve Roach, President and CEO
  • Kimberly Robinson, MD
  • Vibha Sharma, MD
  • David Walton


  • Steve Roach, President and CEO
  • Padma Bheri, Director, Quality, Patient Safety and Regulatory Affairs 
  • John Bronhard, Chief Financial Officer
  • Ellen Carlucci, Vice President, Development, Marketing and Communications
  • Charles Cavagnaro, III, MD, FACP, Corporate VP and Chief Medical Officer
  • John Kelly, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer
  • Michael Paruta, Director, Human Resources

Chiefs of Department

Stephanie Cintora, MD Anesthesia
Amy Costigan, MD Emergency Medicine
Vibha Sharma, MD Infectious Disease
Chandrika Jain, MD Medicine
Habib Sioufi, MD Pathology
Amy Costigan, MD Pediatrics
Matthew Butler, DPM Podiatry
Amy Prince, MD Interim Psychiatry
Brian Brochu, MD Radiology
Markian Stecyk, MD Surgery