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Student Affiliations

Clinical Rotations for Students

Nursing and Allied Health-Related Fields

UMass Memorial - Marlborough Hospital is proud to be able to support clinical rotations for health care students from numerous higher education institutions in our community. Students’ fields of study include nursing, pharmacy, physical and psychology, paramedics and cardiac rehab to name a few.

Student Affiliations Agreements

In order to ensure the highest standards of patient care and safety while providing a supportive learning environment, schools requesting student rotations must have a current signed UMass Memorial - Marlborough Hospital Student Affiliation Agreement. Schools must also submit an attestation letter for each student and faculty member.

Nursing Students – Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCP)

Nursing faculty and students, including Nurse Practitioners, must use the Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCP) website in order to request clinical rotations and, once accepted, complete required online modules and on-boarding paperwork.


Except for nursing students using the CCP, the Office of Nursing Professional Development does not arrange preceptorships at UMass Memorial -Marlborough Hospital. It is the responsibility of the collaborative academic institution to arrange these preceptorships. Every student must be led during their clinical rotation by either a Hospital preceptor or on-site trained faculty member.

Student On-Boarding and Orientation

Once an Affiliation Agreement and preceptor(s) has been secured by the school, each student is required to complete on-boarding paperwork that must be submitted through their school contact to the Nursing Professional Development Office. Students need to contact their faculty advisors/preceptors regarding their start/end date and hours per week. When all paperwork is received, students will be informed who to contact to set up their orientation. (For nursing students only, this is done through the Centralized Clinical Placement System website by completing a CCP ticket.) Final clearance to begin the clinical rotation will be granted by the Nursing Professional Development Office when all required paperwork and online orientation complete.

On-boarding paperwork must be sent in one complete packet by the school to the Office of Nursing Professional Development at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the clinical rotation. Delays or cancellations of rotations may result if this deadline is not met.


  • Students: Please contact your school program advisor or faculty. Preceptorships and communications must come through your school for clinical rotations.
  • Schools: Please email: