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Physician Referral Services Department

UMass Memorial Physical Referral Services Staff

The Physician Referral Services Department provides community physicians with convenient access to UMass Memorial Medical Center resources, including urgent and non-urgent on behalf of community provider offices: 

  • Scheduling outpatient appointments including:
    • Coordination of patient communications 
    • 24 hour guarantee response on urgent appointments
    • 48 hour guarantee on response non-urgent appointments
    • Confirmation of patient appointments
  • Identifying appropriate specialists for consultation
  • Facilitating physician-to-physician communication
  • Obtaining medical records and laboratory results
  • Providing information about specialized services

physician referral services staff

Community physicians are invited to call Physician Referral Services at 800-431-5151The office hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm.

The fax number is 508-334-7616. Email at
Patients searching for a primary care physician can also call our Physician Referral Services Line at 800-431-5151.

Value Proposition for Managed Care Network Providers

Physician Referral Services Newsletter - New for 2020!

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