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Supporting Physician Innovation (Annual PACE Prize)

Our talented and visionary physicians are the ones who make the UMass Memorial Medical Group (UMMMG) the pioneering team we’re all proud to be a part of. To further support their innovative and academic pursuits, the Prize for Academic Collaboration and Excellence (PACE) is a competition we are proud to offer each year.

The PACE award supports the engagement of our Medical Group physicians in cutting edge-research; encourages interdepartmental collaboration; showcases UMMMG’s commitment to academic excellence and reinforces UMMMG’s identity as a group comprised of academic physicians.

The goal of award funding is to support innovative investigator-initiated research and is open to any area of investigation. This year, the PACE Prize will award two (2) $100,000 prizes to support a Medical Group inter-departmental team’s innovative research.

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First PACE Prize Winners:
Improving Care Transitions by Kimberly Fisher, MD,  Medicine, and Susanne Muehlschlegel, MD, MPH,  Neurology. The project will identify and develop effective strategies for improving care transitions from the hospital to home by identifying a more comprehensive range of factors and strategies associated with high performance. Read the T&G story.




Second PACE Prize Winners: Telemedicine-based Substance Use Disorder Evaluation (TeleSUDE) to Facilitate Treatment After Opioid Overdose project led by emergency medicine physicians Kavita Babu, MDAmy Costigan, MD, and Jeffrey Lai, MD, and psychiatrist Karla Rodriguez, MD. They will develop an unobtrusive and effective telemedicine approach to provide adequate substance use treatment planning before discharge at remote emergency departments in our hospital system. Read the Worcester Business Journal story.