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Visitor Restrictions Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We want to thank you for allowing us to care for you or your loved one. Due to the ongoing and rapidly changing situation occurring with COVID-19 and in response to the new restrictions by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, we have changed our visitor policy to keep you and our caregivers safe.

Effective immediately, and until further notice, we will be implementing these new visitor restrictions. We know that in every situation there are special circumstances, and exceptions will be made on a case- by-case basis. We encourage you and your loved ones to keep in contact by phone, video communication or text, and if there’s any barrier, we ask that you discuss with your care team. Thank you for your understanding and know that our highest priority is to you keep you safe.

Screening: All visitors coming into the hospital will go through a screening process. This includes: having their temperature taken; and being screened for symptoms, recent travel activity, and recent exposure to COVID-19. If the visitor is positive for any of these, they won’t be permitted to visit. All visitors are required to wear a mask.

Inpatient: No visitors will be allowed to visit inpatients at the Memorial or University campuses. We apologize for the distress and inconvenience this may cause, but this decision was made to keep you and our caregivers safe from the spread of COVID-19. We ask that you designate one person to communicate with the care team during the hospitalization. We encourage you to use your telephone or other technology to help keep you connected with your loved ones. If you need help with obtaining a device, we ask that you reach out to your care team.

Emergency Department: No visitors will be permitted to go into the respiratory waiting room or Emergency Department treatment area.

Outpatient Clinic: No visitors will be allowed to accompany patients.
Maternity Center: One support person is allowed to stay during the hospitalization.

NICU: Visitors will be limited to only parents or guardians. Only one visitor at a time for a maximum of two hours.

Children’s Medical Center, Pediatric SACU/PACU: Visitors will be limited to one parent, legal guardian or surrogate. At this time, no siblings are allowed.

Psychiatry: No inpatient visitors will be allowed to visit.
End of Life (COVID-19 positive patients): Two visitors allowed in the patient room for a 15- to 30-minute window.

End of Life (non-COVID-19 positive patients): Two visitors allowed in the patient room for a two-hour window with a maximum of four visitors per day.

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