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Theresa Callahan, MD, Pediatrician, Medical Associates Pediatrics

Theresa Callahan, MD, is a partner at Medical Associates Pediatrics, a large and busy practice in Leominster located near UMass Memorial – HealthAlliance Hospital. It's a challenging, fast-paced environment that Dr. Callahan enjoys. "My uncle was a pediatrician," said Dr. Callahan. "He was well-suited to this busy and challenging work." And so is Theresa.

A typical day has its share of "routine" visits—wellness checkups, colds, earaches, belly pains, and vaccinations. But as a seasoned caregiver, Dr. Callahan is always prepared to handle the unexpected. “Parents bring me their most precious being. It’s my job to listen and do whatever it takes to get the job done,” she said. She recalls one terrified little girl who had a bead stuck up her nose—a predicament made worse by her father trying to remove it with his finger. Dr. Callahan made it better. Another toddler had an odd-sounding heart murmur, which she quickly referred to cardiology. It turned out to be a serious condition which was promptly treated. All in a day's work for Dr. Callahan.

Dr. Callahan values the variety of strengths and experience her fellow caregivers (six other pediatricians and five nurse practitioners) bring to the practice, and they all collaborate and support each other. She also values the long-term relationships she has with her patients. "One of the greatest joys is when someone I treated as a child becomes a parent and brings their baby to me," Dr. Callahan said. She has a strong interest in promoting literacy and leads the Reach Out and Read program at her practice, which puts books in the hands of young patients and families when they visit.

Here's what one of Dr. Callahan's patients had to say about what makes her a great caregiver: "Dr. Callahan is an exceptional doctor. She was my doctor when I was younger, and now she is the doctor for my three sons. In the 20+ years I have known her, she has gone above and beyond all expectations of any doctor I have encountered. She treats me and my children like we are family and that is very important!"

As a Clinical Assistant Professor for UMass Medical School, Dr. Callahan is training the next generation of pediatricians. Through her teachings, she hopes to impart that “listening and understanding are a big part of being successful at what you do.”