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Performance Reports and Measures

What is quality in health care?

The federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) defines quality health care as "doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right person, and having the best possible result." Patient safety - the act of doing no harm - underlies all aspects of quality health care.

Clinical quality may mean measuring:

  • The number of patients who experience infections following surgery
  • The number of patients readmitted to a hospital after their discharge due to complications 
  • Adherence to evidence-based practices (treatments and procedures that are based on sound scientific knowledge)

Quality can also be measured by looking at the aspects of our patients’ experiences while we care for them in the hospital or in an outpatient setting. These factors could be:

  • Timely access to care
  • Effectiveness of care
  • Patient safety and medical errors
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Customer service

How to Measure Quality

At the UMass Memorial Medical Center, we evaluate the quality of the care we deliver by measuring whether it is effective, timely, safe and responds to our patients’ needs.

Transparency in Health Care

In our website, you will be able to review measures that are valid and meaningful, and reflect the quality of care in both the inpatient (hospital) and outpatient settings. For most measures, we are able to compare our performance to that of other hospitals and physician groups. In some cases, our performance is better, in some cases it is not. Our goal is to demonstrate to you our commitment to delivering high quality care, service excellence and to continually improve our quality by being open, honest and transparent about our quality and patient experience.

We hope you will read carefully the different measures about our care. But more importantly, we know that you will find throughout our site a commitment to service excellence through the many initiatives and efforts that are underway. And, please be sure to read the stories from our patients, people who trust their lives to us everyday.

We hope our website will illustrate to you how we live our mission as The Best Place to Give Care, the Best Place to Get Care!