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Get to Know Your Health Care Team

Attending Physicians: physician in charge of your care. Your physician or the physician covering for he/she will check in on you periodically during your hospital stay.

Residents: physicians in training who work under the direction of your physician. They round each day early in the morning (before 6:30 am) to change dressings, review lab results and plan your treatments for the day. They will also check in on you later in the day.

Physicians Assistants/Nurse Practitioners: are licensed practitioners who may be also working with your physician.

RN: you will have a Registered Nurse caring for you each shift, each day. We strive to keep the same RNs caring for you during your stay with us.

PCAs: Patient Care Assistants are trained caregivers or student nurses who work under the direction of the RN caring for you.

Unit Secretary: transcribes the physicians’ orders and answers the telephones. She/He also answers call bells and relays any requests from you or your family to the nurse/PCA caring for you.

Housekeeping: is responsible for the cleanliness of your room and the patient care unit. Your housekeeper may also deliver the local newspaper to your room Monday through Saturday.

Nutritionist: a Registered Dietician will evaluate your nutritional needs, if necessary.

Dietary Aide: will assist you in your meal selection and deliver your tray.

Case Manager: a RN who will talk to you about any care needs after discharge and will coordinate plans with the health care team and you and your family.

Social Worker: a licensed professional who will assist family with any social and/or financial issues related to a patient’s illness or hospitalization.

Physical Therapist: a licensed professional who will evaluate and assist with mobility issues

Occupational Therapist: a licensed professional that may be needed to evaluate a patient’s ability to perform activities of daily living, such as eating, dressing, etc., after leaving the hospital

Pharmacist: a licensed professional who reviews allergies and medications to ensure there are no issues while in the hospital. They may also teach patients about certain medications.

Respiratory Therapist: a licensed professional who assists with any needed breathing treatments.