American Cancer Society helps UMass Memorial cancer patients, families with access to lodging

The ACS awards a $100,000 grant to UMass Memorial Medical Center that will provide cancer patients and their caregivers with access to free and discounted lodging

April 2017

The logistics related to cancer treatment can often be burdensome to patients and their families, especially when they must travel long distances to receive care. In response to this need, the American Cancer Society has awarded to UMass Memorial Medical Center a $100,000 grant that will provide cancer patients and their caregivers with access to free and discounted lodging.


“Cancer treatment is taxing on patients and their loved ones. If extensive travel is required to get those treatments, it can create added stress and anxiety,” said UMass Memorial Medical Center President Patrick Muldoon. “Being able to minimize extra travel will make a tremendous difference for many people in our care. We thank the American Cancer Society for its generosity and partnership.”


The American Cancer Society will continue to provide an on-site patient navigator at the Medical Center, located in Worcester, to facilitate implementation of theservices supported by the grant. The ACS patient navigator will work closely with patients and caregivers to connect them to resources that will enhance access to care and improve quality of life during treatment.


“We are grateful for the opportunity to work with UMass Memorial Medical Center on a number of free patient services, like our shared patient navigation program, that help to reduce the suffering from cancer, including our most recent collaboration to reduce a major barrier to quality cancer care – lodging for those who must travel far from home,” said Neil Maniar, PhD, MPH, Vice President of Health Systems for the American Cancer Society’s New England Division, who forecasts the grant’s funds will subsidize about 500 nights of free lodging.


The American Cancer Society also has a long-standing relationship with the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS), UMass Memorial’s academic partner. The American Cancer Society has supported cancer research efforts at UMMS since 1975.