Breast-feeding offers many benefits for your baby (and you!) including skin-to-skin contact for better bonding. This prenatal breast-feeding class will help you get off to the best start. You will learn about the many benefits of breastfeeding, ways to read your baby’s hunger signs, a variety of breast-feeding positions, steps to achieve a correct latch-on for your baby, methods to troubleshoot potential challenges, and how to find a lactation consultant for ongoing breastfeeding support. Learning these techniques prenatally, in a relaxed environment, allows for easier retention of information and prepares you for hands-on breast-feeding practice after the delivery, with the help of your nurse or lactation consultant. 

You should complete your classes by about one month before your due date (earlier for twins). On the day of class, bring a pen, water and snacks.


Registration Information: 

Register online at or by calling 855-366-5221.