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Centered on Care

UMass Memorial Medical Center has launched a seven-year, $172 million redesign and improvement project – MC 2020: Centered on Care – to modernize the Medical Center’s Memorial and University campuses.

Project features include:

  • Patient rooms with modern finishes and décor, state-of-the art hospital beds, patient lifts, and designated family and staff zones
  • Team stations that support multiple staff functions
  • Newly designed and equipped waiting areas
  • Public areas and hallways that simplify navigation for patients and visitors
  • Infrastructure updates to support advanced technologies and systems

One of the most significant improvement projects in the history of the Medical Center, this undertaking is an exciting investment in our patients, our people, our community and our future.

Current Work

MC2020 Updates at the University Campus

A new Dialysis Unit on H4 at University Campus opened September 11.

The spacious new unit features nine individual treatment bays, four isolation rooms, a new team station, modern amenities to enhance the patient experience, and design elements to support efficient workflow.  


MC2020 Updates at Memorial Campus

After more than six months of construction, The Memorial Campus now boasts a new corridor and non-denominational chapel.

The new 65-foot long pathway on East 1 extends the main corridor from the east to the west building. Guests will find easy access to the new prayer and meditation space just off the main corridor where artwork from local artists adorn the cream-colored walls. The corridor now flows in a straight line, rather than the previous zigzag, making navigation simpler for patients, visitors and staff.

East 1 corridor

East 1 Corridor

Prayer and meditation space

Meditation room Memorial Campus