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COVID-19 Call-Ahead Testing

If you have patients you would like to be tested for COVID-19, below are the resources we provide for you/your staff and for your patients.

Hours of Operation:  

University Campus Drive-thru testing hours
Monday - Friday 8:30 am-4 pm (patients and employees)


8 am-noon (patients and employees)
Sunday Closed effective July 12

Due to increasing demand for COVID-19 testing, the University Campus testing tent has experienced high traffic volume and long wait times for patients. To ensure patient and staff safety, and as a reminder to providers, the following patients should be prioritized for testing through the University Campus testing tent:

  • Patients with potential COVID-19 symptoms
  • Patients needing pre-procedural testing - Please note that it’s the responsibility of the provider performing the procedure to order pre-procedure testing
  • UMass Memorial Health Care EHS-related testing
  • Patients identified by DPH or other contact tracing programs needing testing

All other patients including those seeking testing for out-of-state travel or return to work can obtain testing through other testing sites such as CareWell or CVS.  Please see attached list of additional alternate test sites. It’s very important that every patient have an order for testing prior to arriving at the testing tent as following up on missing orders creates delays for our patients. At this time we are only able to accept orders from UMass Memorial Health Care providers and those in our managed care network.

Use the below table when recommending testing days to patients given the 48- to 72-hour window available for pre-procedure testing. Patients can report anytime during the hours listed. 

*An order must be entered prior to patients arriving. Please be sure the correct order is placed.

Specimen collection day Scheduled/surgery procedure day
Friday (preferred) or Saturday Monday
Saturday Tuesday
Monday Wednesday
Monday or Tuesday Thursday
Tuesday or Wednesday Friday

Resources for Physicians

COVID-19 Testing for Ambulatory Clinics/Outpatients​

Lab Requisition Form

Resources for Patients

Patient Instructions for Saliva Collection

Drive-Through Testing Exit Instructions for Patients