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Serious Reportable Health Care Events

Increased oversight by the government ensures that health care organizations follow many national, state and local laws. At the Medical Center, our Quality and Regulatory team has the knowledge and tools to help keep our hospital current with these requirements.  We work directly with caregivers and other hospital staff to correct and prevent patient care and safety issues, as well as improve our patients’ experience with us.

On this page you will find a link to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, where you can view data on UMass Memorial’s Serious Reportable Events (SREs).  SREs were created by the National Quality Forum, and provide a standardized list of 28 adverse health care events, known as "Serious Reportable Events."

The following criteria serve as the basis for choosing these 28 events: 

  • The event is of concern to both the public and health care professionals.
  • The event is clearly identifiable and measurable.
  • The event is serious and usually preventable.
  • The event is important for public accountability.

To learn more about SREs from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health visit