Mindfulness in Action: Rhiannon

Rhiannon, Veteran

Photo: Jen Dean

“Mindfulness came at a time when I didn’t even know I needed it, but as it turned out—I needed it more than anything.”

For seven years, Rhiannon “Rhi” served in the armed forces.  Working in airborne command and control, she was responsible for supporting ground troops as they carried out missions – many of which put them in life and death situations. After the military, Rhi sought help for the anxiety and PTSD from a personal trauma. That’s when a counselor introduced her to mindfulness training.

Rhi says the experience made her realize she wanted more mindfulness in her everyday life. The first step on that journey brought her to UMASS Medical School’s online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. Offered through the Center for Mindfulness, the program immersed Rhi in a virtual classroom with people from all over the world who are on a similar path to her own.