Mindfulness in Action: Thomas Ward


Helping employees find their way to mindfulness

A former US Air Force Health Promotion Flight Chief with a background in kinesiology and exercise physiology, Thom Ward has spent most of his career helping people improve their health. Today, he is responsible for the well-being of over 14,000 UMass Memorial Health Care employees—each of whom he sees as part of the caregiving team. That’s what makes their wellness so critical.

“We all face challenges in our daily lives. It affects how we act and react to everything and everyone. It’s easy to get off track without even realizing it, especially for caregivers who primarily focus on others,” explains Thom. “Mindfulness is a way to hit the reset button – and something anyone can learn.” That’s why Thom’s goal is to help UMass Memorial employees find their way to mindfulness, adding it to their everyday routines for overall health and well-being.