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Genetic Dermatology Combined Clinic

The Genetic Dermatology Combined Clinic diagnoses and treats genetic skin disorders for you and your children. It is the only comprehensive facility in Central and Western Massachusetts allowing children to see two specialists - a geneticist and a pediatric dermatologist - on the same day for coordinated care.

Treating a Wide-range of Skin Disorders in Children

The clinic offers a number of services for your children, including:

  • Access to experts in hereditary skin diseases, including neurofibromatosis, pigmentation disorders and ichthyoses
  • An initial evaluation of family history, examination with careful skin screening and discussion of diagnosis and management by a team of specialists
  • Appointments for children and young adults, from birth to 21 years of age
  • Ongoing multidisciplinary care available in our Epidermolysis Bullosa Clinic
  • Referrals to a social worker or mental health provider, if needed