Patient Stories: Cardiac Catheterization

Our patients inspire us to provide the best cardiac and vascular care in Central Massachusetts. Learn why they chose UMass Memorial.

Cardiac Patients in Central Massachusetts Choose UMass Memorial for Lifesaving Care

Kathy Escobar works in the Heart and Vascular Center and has always had a lot of affection for both her work and her colleagues. But when Kathy’s father-in-law’s routine hospital visit escalated into something more serious, she experienced the dedication and professionalism of her team first-hand. 

“I can recall Dr. Gibson explaining it,” she said. Dr. Gibson was on-hand for the test that revealed her father-in-law’s condition, much to the shock of her mother-in-law and other family members. “He took the time to explain as many times as necessary—he never got flustered, or frustrated, he was just so sweet and gentle. And the nursing team was phenomenal.” Dr. Gibson took the time to explain clearly, calmly, and with constant eye contact, a much-needed procedure that they were going to send Kathy’s father-in-law for. “He was so good to them; words are not enough to express my gratitude.”

There was another powerful moment of togetherness that Kathy expressed beautifully. “We were in the elevator on the way to the Cath Lab, and as soon as the door opened, the entire Cath Lab team was waiting for us. Everyone answered all of our questions—we are a big family, and trust me, we all had multiple questions, but not once were we made to feel like we were too much.

“Everyone was so great—I just love all of them, start to finish. Thank God for that team. For something that could’ve gone so wrong, it was really incredible to be treated like that. I have always been so proud of this team and what they do, but after our experience, I am blown away. This truly is the best place to give and get care.”
Kathy Escobar

"I can’t say enough about the care I had at UMass Memorial Medical Center and HealthAlliance Hospital. Everyone was outstanding. I didn’t think a heart attack could happen to me, but when it did I was grateful the UMass Memorial team was close by."
Peggy Glowacki, Fitchburg, MA

"I had a heart attack and flat-lined five times before I was able to have a stent placed. The teams at Marlborough Hospital and UMass Memorial Medical Center were incredible. My credit goes to the doctors, nurses, EMTs, the fire department and everyone involved, and I want to make sure they get recognition for what they did. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the UMass Memorial team."

James Bourdelais, Marlborough, MA

"I didn't realize I was having a heart attack when I went to the Emergency Department at UMass Memorial Medical Center with symptoms unlike anything I'd felt before. But it was a heart attack, and I collapsed at the entrance of the Emergency Department. The staff resuscitated me three times before I was brought to the Cath Lab and implanted with a heart pump to help support my heart function. Thanks to the compassionate, excellent care of the UMass Memorial staff during my 12 days in the hospital, my recovery got off to a great start. And since my stay, the Cardiovascular Center where I've gotten my continued care has kept me on course, helping me to further recover my heart, returning me to a very active lifestyle."
Dan Wolpert, Worcester, MA

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