Women's Heart Health Program

The Women’s Heart Health Program at UMass Memorial Medical Center provides cardiac care designed specifically for women. This dedicated clinic focuses on all aspects of cardiology for women, from preventive care to the treatment of complex conditions.

You may choose any one of our hospitals for cardiac care close to home. But when you need more personalized heart services, you have access to our specialty clinic in Worcester, MA.

Tailored Cardiology Care for Women with Heart Disease

Our program tailors cardiovascular care to fit the specific needs of women. During your first visit, our experts complete a heart assessment that includes:

  • Health history
  • Cardiovascular risk screening test
  • Family history of cardiovascular disease
  • Complete cardiovascular physical exam
  • Education about your individual cardiovascular risk factors
  • Blood tests, including lipids and glucose
  • Calculation of body mass index (BMI)
  • Development of an individualized plan for you to share with your primary care physician

Additional tests, such as labs or imaging studies, may be needed to completely understand your risk. Women with concerning symptoms for cardiovascular disease may require further diagnostic testing, ranging from noninvasive stress testing to a cardiac catheterization that can be conveniently done at our Medical Center.

Pregnancy and Heart Disease Clinic

The Heart and Vascular Center offers a Pregnancy and Heart Disease Clinic for women with new cardiac symptoms or known cardiovascular disease before and during their pregnancies. Our cardiologists work closely with maternal-fetal medicine experts to devise a safe pregnancy and delivery plan for you and your baby. Located on the Memorial Campus, services include pre-pregnancy counseling, risk assessments, and postpartum management of heart disease.

Know your heart a little better (and learn a few ways to keep it healthy).