Dave Ryan, Knee Replacement Patient


Known as an adventurous youth, Dave Ryan injured his knee in a rock climbing accident. His knee and active lifestyle was never the same. Persistent pain, which was often debilitating, kept him from enjoying activities with his children, especially skiing, which was his passion.

Dave decided to have a knee replacement and chose the Arthritis and Joint Replacement Center at UMass Memorial Medical Center after several recommendations from friends and co-workers. “The surgery was extremely successful, and my overall experience was exceptional,” said Dave. “The UMass Memorial orthopedics team is just fantastic, and I actually felt that I was a part of the process through the whole thing.”

Dave and his new knee now live life to the fullest. “The care I received was fantastic, but really the outcome of it is that my quality of life has drastically improved,” he noted. He is now enjoying life the way it should be enjoyed, free of pain and free to do the activities he loves, skiing with his kids, kayaking lazy rivers and hiking mountains.