If you or your child has cognitive, emotional or behavioral symptoms of concern, UMass Memorial Medical Center can help. Our neuropsychologists provide comprehensive clinical evaluations for children (ages six and older), adolescents and adults.

Neuropsychological Evaluations for Adults and Children

You can receive evaluations for disorders that impact cognitive skills, such as memory and attention, including those resulting from brain injuries or medical and neurological diseases, such as dementia/Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy or multiple sclerosis.

Evaluations for your child focus on assessment of cognitive, academic, and behavioral and emotional functioning related to neurological illness, general medical conditions and developmental disabilities.

Neuropsychological Therapy and Services at UMass Memorial Medical Center

You or your child’s evaluation of cognitive functioning may fall under these patient groups:

  • Children with epilepsy, brain tumors, genetic and developmental disorders, or infectious diseases
  • Elderly patients with memory problems
  • Patients with other neurological disorders (e.g., epilepsy, multiple sclerosis) or other medical disorders (e.g., AIDS, leukemia, diabetes)
  • Patients with stroke or other cerebrovascular disorders
  • Patients with concussion and traumatic brain injury

We’ll determine your baseline skill levels in conditions that may be improving or worsening:

  • Before initiating treatment programs
  • Before and after neurosurgery
  • When progressive dementia is suspected

We assist in the development of your treatment plans related to cognitive disability:

  • Referrals for cognitive rehabilitation services to improve specific skill deficits, such as in memory, language or attention
  • Referrals for treatment of other conditions (such as psychiatric and mood disorders) that can impact cognitive functioning
  • Development of accommodation plans (504 plans and individualized education programs) for school

To schedule an appointment, call 508-334-2527.