Men's Urologic Health

For men who experience problems with incontinence, infertility, erectile dysfunction, urination, or other prostate or genitourinary problems, the urology specialists at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester can provide expert help.

We are the only institution in Central Massachusetts with fellowshipped trained specialists in infertility and men’s health: Dr. Rotker.

We also have fellowship trained specialists in Male Urinary Dysfunction: Dr. Sorokin, Dr. Bamberger, and Dr. Cotter.

From prevention and diagnosis, to treatment and ongoing follow-up and support, you can feel confident that you’re getting the very best care right here, close to home.

The Men’s Urologic Health Conditions We Treat at UMass Memorial

Our board-certified urologists have extensive experience in diagnosing and managing these urologic conditions that affect men only:

  • Cancer of the male reproductive system including prostate, testicular and penile cancers
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, an enlarged prostate that causes frequent urination and bladder problems)
  • Male incontinence 
  • Male voiding dysfunction 
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Male fertility/infertility

Comprehensive Treatment Options For Men’s Health Issues

As specialists, the urologists at UMass Memorial offer a complete range of the latest treatment options for treating these urinary and genitourinary issues in men. Every case is unique, so treatment is tailored to each patient’s diagnosis, health, lifestyle and preferences.

Some of the treatment resources we offer at UMass Memorial include:

  • The da Vinci Surgical System, advanced robotic surgical technology used in treating enlarged prostates and early prostate cancer with exceptional precision. This minimally invasive approach offers such patient benefits as less pain, faster recovery and improved outcomes.
  • While medication is often the first-line therapy for BPH (enlarged prostate), we also offer minimally invasive transurethral surgery, laser surgery, and using microwave or radiofrequency energy to shrink the prostate.
  • Treatment options for male incontinence include medications that relax the bladder, physical therapy to help strengthen the sphincter muscle, and surgery.
  • Male voiding dysfunction may be treated with bladder retraining, medication, laser therapy or surgery.
  • For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, options include oral medications, penile pumps, implants, hormonal therapies and blood vessel surgery.
  • Vasectomy is a highly effective form of birth control and is performed in an outpatient procedure that generally takes less than an hour. Our urologic surgeons also can perform vasectomy reversal in appropriate cases.

An Atmosphere of Respect and Understanding

We realize that talking about some of these health issues can be difficult. Please know that our urologic specialists will treat you with respect and understanding, and work with you to achieve the best-possible results.

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