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Student On-Boarding Process For Schools

This page outlines the process and forms to on-board nursing and allied health students for their clinical rotation. For more general information about student clinical rotations, see the Student Affiliations overview page.  
To onboard a student, there must first be a current Student Affiliations Agreement with the school. Then, below is a summary of what must be emailed from the school to the Office of Student Affiliations at least two to four weeks prior to the start of the rotation.

Completed by the School:

  1. Letter of Attestation on the school’s letterhead for the students and any on-site faculty members
  2. Completed “Student Group Summary Sheet

Completed by the student and sent in by the school in one scanned pdf file per student; file name to include their name “last, first…”:

  1. Student Registration form
  2. Signed Confidentiality form
  3. ID Badge Parking form
  4. For nursing students only, a current CCP ticket

Once all items are received, each student (except for nursing students that have a CCP ticket) will be emailed a link to complete the UMass Memorial Medical Center’s online Annual Required Module for their orientation. Once they complete the online module, they will be emailed their signed, approved ID Badge Parking Form, with a copy to the school and their preceptor. Then they will be able to obtain their ID badge and connect with their preceptors to begin their clinical rotation.

Please note, groups of students (usually nursing or pharmacy students) will have the same forms to complete, but communications from the Office of Student Affiliations will be sent to their faculty contact and not the individual students. It will be the responsibility of the faculty to communicate with the students in their group(s).

Second or Additional Rotations

Many students return for additional coursework. In that case, schools must submit a new letter of attestation, student group summary sheet and student registration form. The original, first rotation on-boarding paperwork is valid for one year only. Students coming outside of one year must complete all the requirements again.