Toxicology/Poison Care

What is toxicology? It’s the study of (and care of people suffering from) the harmful effects of chemicals on living creatures.  

Toxicology Care at UMass Memorial Medical Center

UMass Memorial Medical Center has a toxicology specialist on staff 24/7 to treat adults and children who have been exposed to chemicals, poisons, drugs interactions and overdoses, and even animal venoms. Our Center for Toxicology works with other physicians and hospitals to treat critically ill and poisoned patients. Our staff:

  • Evaluates and treats adults and children who have been exposed to toxins in the workplace, home, school and environment
  • Manages adverse drug events and interactions
  • Analyzes complex drug therapies for severely ill patients who need many medications

We also provide outpatient evaluation for exposure to environmental and occupational toxins and provide interpretation of toxicology. For appointments, call 508-421-1455; for more information, call 508-856-4101.

Emergency Medicine Research and Clinical Trials

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