Child Protection

The Child Protection Program at the UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center offers services, consultation and training designed to evaluate children for and protect children from physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and witnessing domestic violence.

All evaluations include case review and treatment planning.

The child protection team includes physicians specially trained in forensics, nurse specialists, social workers and advocates.

Child Protection Services

We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Outpatient evaluation of children for suspected physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect
  • Inpatient evaluation of children for suspected maltreatment
  • Consultation to clinicians regarding appropriate child abuse reporting
  • Chart review
  • Expert witness
  • Extensive educational activities
  • Liaison with community agencies

Resources for Professionals

If you would like a directory of mental health clinicians and agencies that provide counseling to children, call 774-442-6629.

Appointments: 855-UMASS-MD


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