Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Do you need help with your child’s short attention span … bedwetting … speech delay … anxiety? Our developmental and behavioral pediatricians at UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center can assist parents with these challenges and more.

Developmental and Behavioral Challenges We Can Help You With

We can help you with the developmental and behavioral challenges, including:

  • Attention disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Bedwetting
  • Common parental concerns
  • Developmental delay
  • Fecal soiling
  • Growth and nutrition problems
  • Psychosocial aspects of chronic physical illness
  • Recurrent pain syndromes
  • Sleeping, eating, toileting and compliance difficulties

Developmental and Behavioral Specialty Clinics

Child Anxiety Disorders Clinic – Our specialists can see your child with generalized or specific fears and anxieties, as well as children who show separation problems often related to attending school. Children with physical symptoms (e.g., stomachaches, headaches and other unexplained pain) suspected to be related to anxiety levels are also treated. Treatment (done over several appointments) is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) principles, which emphasize the way anxious thoughts affect your child's behavior. These techniques have shown to reduce anxiety-related problems in children and teens, and are recommended nationally as the initial treatment approach for children with anxiety problems. We will evaluate the potential value of long-term therapy and medications in children who do not respond sufficiently to CBT techniques.

Child Behavior Clinic - This clinic provides child psychiatric assessment and short-term treatment for children from birth to five years of age who have emotional and/or behavioral problems. Parents or guardians can call 508-334-0532 for an appointment.

Growth and Nutrition Clinic - Staff provides evaluation and treatment of infants and young children with failure-to-thrive, eating and nutritional disorders, and assorted feeding problems caused by developmental and/or behavioral issues. Children are typically referred by primary care doctors who have already screened patients for potential underlying medical conditions known to cause poor weight gain or excessively narrow food choices.

Early Childhood Clinic - What happens if your child is not talking or otherwise developing as well as other children who are the same age? If parents are concerned or a screening done by their child's primary care provider indicates a possible problem, an evaluation should be done. The clinic provides diagnostic and referral services for children up to age 4. Our specialists address general developmental and behavioral concerns, and are experts in autism spectrum disorders (ASD). With developmental delays and ASD, getting an early start on intervention promotes better developmental outcomes.

Toileting Clinic - Our Toileting Clinic uses proven behavior modification strategies shown to encourage toilet training. The clinic also sees children with histories of chronic soiling and bedwetting. Children, ages 3 through 10, and parents usually attend four to six sessions at the clinic. Follow-up appointments are available when necessary. Our experts can also work closely with your child’s doctor and your child's school to address toileting issues at school.

Autism Diagnostic Clinic - This clinic is a rapid assessment clinic for children whose primary care providers, early intervention therapists or parents are concerned specifically with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder.

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