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UMass Memorial Medical Group is one of the largest and most experienced caregiver networks on the East Coast.

Our 1,100 medical group doctors see patients at more than 70 convenient locations in central Massachusetts. Our health care professionals are medical school faculty members, researchers and lifelong learners. Above all, they’re compassionate caregivers.

Recent Highlights Dr. Finberg Answers Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Robert W. Finberg, MD, discusses how the COVID-19 vaccines seem to be working against the UK SARSCoV2 variant. “The major vaccines are directed at the part of the virus that the virus needs to bind to the cells and that's a good thing.”

Dr. Valdes Urges Regular Eye Exams to Detect Glaucoma

Typically developing with no symptoms, glaucoma is a buildup of pressure in the eye that slowly and silently causes damage to the optic nerve over time. In recognition of January’s Glaucoma Awareness Month, Lianna Valdes, MD, Ophthalmologist at our Eye Center, appears in the latest episode of Health Watch to discuss the different types of glaucoma and stresses the importance of regular eye exams to ensure this damaging disease can be identified and treated early.

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Helps Lumbar Disc Herniation Patients, 'First in Massachusetts' Surgery

On Thursday, December 24, 2020, Christian DiPaola, MD, orthopedic spine surgeon at the Medical Center, implanted the first Barricaid in Massachusetts. Barricaid is the only FDA-approved closure device designed to effectively close large defects in lumbar disc hernia patients. It also prevents reherniation and reoperation, allowing people to live pain free and reduce needless suffering. Massachusets-based Intrinsic Therapeutics has been developing Barricaid for 20 years and was excited to launch this new, cutting-edge technology to Massachusetts’ patients on Christmas Eve.

“The most exciting thing about being able to use the Barricaid implant for repairing lumbar discs is that it is a truly unique technology that helps solve an unmet need," said Dr. DiPaola. "The FDA study proved that lumbar disc repair with the Barricaid implant after disc herniation cut the risk of recurrent disc herniation approximately in half. This means less return trips to the OR for revision surgery. This outcome clearly aligns with patient goals and it provides long-term value for health systems and insurers over standard discectomy in properly selected cases.”

Our Academic Medicine Tradition

All of our primary care doctors and specialists maintain faculty positions at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, our partner school. We constantly teach, learn and bring the latest health care discoveries and treatment options to those needing them most: Our patients.

Learn more about our research and teaching with UMass Medical School.

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If you’re a patient who needs a primary care physician or top-notch specialist, we’ve got the caregiver for you. If you’re a referring physician, your research is done. The specialist your patient needs is right here. Learn more about:

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