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The UMass Memorial Medical Group Difference

UMass Memorial Medical Group is one of the largest and most experienced caregiver networks on the East Coast.

Our 1,100 medical group doctors see patients at more than 70 convenient locations in central Massachusetts. Our health care professionals are medical school faculty members, researchers and lifelong learners. Above all, they’re compassionate caregivers.

Recent Highlights

Our CEO, Health Care System Profiled on

Eric Dickson, MD, UMass Memorial Health Care president and CEO, recently spoke with a content writer for employment website as part of that organization’s profiles of CEOs. The Ladders lists UMass Memorial as one of its “Top 500” companies. In the interview, Dr. Dickson spoke about his tenure at UMass Memorial and gave insights on what he looks for in a potential employee. “You have to deliver results because you’re not going to move forward, up in any organization if you don’t really deliver results, and you better know what those results are from your boss’s perspective,” he said. 

Early Results Encouraging for Tay-Sachs Disease Gene Therapy Treatment

At a recent conference, UMass Medical School Dean Terence Flotte, MD, shared that doctors at UMass Memorial Medical Center had safely treated two young children with Tay-Sachs disease using a gene therapy developed by our academic partner UMass Medical School. Dean Flotte said one child’s condition had stabilized. “It seems right now that she’s not degenerating. But I would say it’s too early to say that definitively,” Dean Flotte said during an interview with Boston National Public Radio station WBUR. He says a clinical trial involving more than a dozen patients is expected to begin soon.

Hospitals see rare vomiting syndrome in heavy marijuana consumers

Since recreational marijuana became legal in Massachusetts three years ago, hospitals have noticed more cases of a rare illness afflicting a small portion of heavy cannabis consumers. The condition, called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, can be horrific for patients, causing intense abdominal pain, nausea, and days-long vomiting episodes that are strangely relieved by hot showers or baths. The illness can be cured by quitting pot. At the UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, doctors now see about one new teenager a week who they believe has the illness, up from very few cases five years ago, said Dr. Jay Fong, a pediatric gastroenterologist there. “It’s been alarming, in the past few years, how much more frequently we’re seeing this,” Fong said. “This is something the community and doctors need to be aware of.”

Our Academic Medicine Tradition

All of our primary care doctors and specialists maintain faculty positions at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, our partner school. We constantly teach, learn and bring the latest health care discoveries and treatment options to those needing them most: Our patients.

Learn more about our research and teaching with UMass Medical School.

Our Medical Services and Specialties

If you’re a patient who needs a primary care physician or top-notch specialist, we’ve got the caregiver for you. If you’re a referring physician, your research is done. The specialist your patient needs is right here. Learn more about:

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