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The UMass Memorial Medical Group Difference

UMass Memorial Medical Group is one of the largest and most experienced caregiver networks on the East Coast.

Our 1,100 medical group doctors see patients at more than 70 convenient locations in central Massachusetts. Our health care professionals are medical school faculty members, researchers and lifelong learners. Above all, they’re compassionate caregivers.

Recent Highlights

Dr. Forkey: School Anxiety

“There has never been a year like 2020. That translates very directly to children," said Heather Forkey, MD, Chief, Division of Child Protection and Clinical Director, Foster Children Evaluation Service. In the latest Health Watch segment, Dr. Forkey shares how to help children manage anxiety with "the three Rs" as they head back to virtual or in-person learning.

Dr. Hermos Addresses School Reopening Concerns

The Massachusetts Teachers Union believes that fast and frequent COVID-19 testing is essential to reopening schools in the Commonwealth. In a recent Boston 25 News 25 Investigates segment, Christina Hermos, MD, pediatric infectious diseases expert at our Children’s Medical Center said although she would like to see wide-scale screening in schools, she knows that it’s simply unfeasible. She went on to discuss ways in which schools can protect students and staff through strong contact tracing, and said she believes communities with low COVID-19 rates and established guidelines can provide safe classrooms. With appropriate measures in place and resources readily available, Dr. Hermos feels that some school systems can reopen in the Commonwealth with both staff and student safety in mind. 

Dr. Bram: The Good Fit Teen Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic

What personalized programs are available at The Good Fit Teen Weight & Wellness Clinic? Dr. Jennifer Bram, a pediatrician at UMass Memorial Medical Center, has the answers in the latest Health Watch episode all about the unique health needs of teens.

Our Academic Medicine Tradition

All of our primary care doctors and specialists maintain faculty positions at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, our partner school. We constantly teach, learn and bring the latest health care discoveries and treatment options to those needing them most: Our patients.

Learn more about our research and teaching with UMass Medical School.

Our Medical Services and Specialties

If you’re a patient who needs a primary care physician or top-notch specialist, we’ve got the caregiver for you. If you’re a referring physician, your research is done. The specialist your patient needs is right here. Learn more about:

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