Infant CPR and Safety

The CPR and Safety class includes information and materials for parents and caregivers on safety topics for newborns, and provides hands-on practice for infant CPR and choking. This course follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association but is not a certification course for professionals. Expectant family and friends are shown the Infant CPR video and then given the opportunity to practice 1:1 on an infant mannequin. Various scenarios are also given to the group to practice their response to safety situations and emergencies. Topics cover: what to include in your home and car first aid kits, emergency disaster plans, fire safety, water safety, poison prevention, choking prevention, information on proper car seat installation, and how to introduce your infant to your pet.

You should complete this class by about one month before your due date (earlier for twins), or you can take it after you have your baby. On the day of class wear comfortable clothes and bring a pen, water and snacks.

Registration Information: 

Register online at or by calling 855-366-5221.