Diagnostic Audiology Program

The Diagnostic Audiology Program offers comprehensive hearing evaluations, diagnostic and threshold Auditory Brainstem Response testing, Auditory Steady State Response testing, Electrocochleography, and Videonystagmography testing. We also offer custom made hearing protection, swim earmolds, musician’s earmolds, swim headbands and pre-molded swim plugs.

Kid's hearing testsWe see all ages of patients, from infancy to geriatrics. Our program services patients who are referred from outside the UMass Memorial Health Care system as well as those referrals from within our member hospitals, including inpatients and our Otolaryngology Department. We are also equipped with portable instruments that enable hearing testing for inpatients, who may not be able to travel to our clinic.

Our program also runs a sedated auditory brainstem response program for babies and selected patients who are unable to participate in traditional behavioral testing. We also oversee all newborn hearing screens performed at UMass Memorial Medical Center, providing a full range of diagnostics, when needed.

View our Preparation for Infant Audiologic Testing Instructions

Our clinic is located on the University Campus on Level A. The waiting room is located right off Elevator B. We currently have six staff audiologists.