Meet the Transplant Team

Meet the Transplant Team

At UMass Memorial, you’re supported by an entire transplant team with a depth and breadth of expertise that’s unrivalled in this region—delivered with a highly personalized and compassionate approach to care.


As a transplant recipient or living donor, your team will include:

  • Transplant surgeon who performs the actual surgery, monitors you after surgery, and quarterbacks your transplant team to ensure your test results and medications are appropriate
  • Transplant physician, such as a nephrologist (kidney specialist), hepatologist (liver specialist) or gastroenterologist who works with you before and after surgery, and is responsible for monitoring your organ function along with other medical concerns
  • Transplant coordinator, a registered nurse (RN) who works with you before surgery and oversees the entire transplant process
  • Social worker who provides support, education and counseling to help patients and families deal with stress during the transplant process
  • Psychologist or psychiatrist who helps patients cope with the transplant experience and the life changes it brings about
  • Pharmacist who advises how to use your medications, including the immunosuppressants that recipients must take
  • Dietitian who provides nutritional assessments and guidance for recipients and living donors
  • Financial coordinator who helps patients and living donors understand the costs of transplantation and insurance coverage


Plus, if you’re a living donor, you’ll have an independent donor advocate, a professional who’s not a member of the UMass Memorial transplant team whose role is to represent and advise you, and protect your best interests during this process. Learn more [LINK to Living Organ Donation subpage].



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