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Urology Services and Treatment

Our highly trained and experienced urology specialists provide today’s most advanced treatments for urologic conditions that are both routine and complex. Our services include:

Treatment for Enlarged Prostate (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy)

Our urologists provide diagnostic testing and offer both medical and surgical treatments for voiding dysfunction related to an enlarged prostate.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Diagnostic testing is offered in a private and confidential setting.
  • Therapies available include medication and surgical options to help restore function.

Female Urology Services

  • In collaboration with fellowship-trained UMass Memorial urogynecologists, female incontinence, voiding and pelvic floor dysfunction is evaluated with the latest diagnostic equipment. Learn more.
  • Women are offered the most advanced medical and surgical therapies available for female urologic disorders.

General Urology Services

  • Treatment includes common urologic disorders such as urinary tract infections, hernias, benign scrotal conditions and undescended testes.
  • Vasectomy is performed in our urologists’ offices on an outpatient basis.

Incontinence and Voiding Evaluation and Management

  • Female incontinence and voiding problems are addressed by urologists and our fellowship-trained urogynecologists. Learn more.
  • Male incontinence evaluations are performed by urologists and may include urodynamic testing.
  • A full spectrum of incontinence therapies is available including medication, biofeedback and the latest surgical procedures.

Infertility Treatment

  • We offer diagnostic testing and surgical correction of male reproductive infertility.
  • Our urologists work collaboratively with UMass Memorial’s fellowship-trained reproductive endocrinologists and infertility experts in addressing female reproductive problems.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Our urologists are skilled in minimally invasive techniques including laparoscopic, endo-urologic and robotic surgery.

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric urologists at our Children’s Medical Center provide comprehensive evaluation and management of a wide range of pediatric urology disorders. 

Reconstructive Urology

Our expertise includes reconstructive surgery for penile cancer, neo-bladder construction, restoration of injured male external genitalia and repair of urethral strictures.

Kidney (Renal) Transplant  

Working with UMass Memorial transplant surgeons, our urologists treat patients facing advanced and permanent renal (kidney) failure with kidney transplant. Learn more.

Renovascular Surgery

  • In certain patients, high blood pressure may be cured by narrowing the blood vessels to the kidney.
  • Our experienced vascular surgeons work with urologists and nephrologists (kidney specialists) in treating these patients.

Stone Disease (Kidney Stones and Bladder Stones)

  • We offer the latest minimally invasive treatments for kidney stones and bladder stones, including shockwave lithotripsy which breaks up stones without invasive surgery .
  • Other minimally invasive options include percutaneous, endourologic and laser technology to remove stones using little or no incisions.

Urodynamic Testing

For patients with complex voiding disorders, our specialists use state-of-the-art video urodynamic and biofeedback equipment to identify the cause and tailor individual treatment

Urologic Cancer Care (Urologic Oncology)

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists in urology, medical oncology and radiation oncology work together to treat patients with urologic cancer (cancer of the kidney, adrenal glands, bladder, prostate, testicles and penis)


Our urologists perform vasectomy procedures in the office on an outpatient basis.

Department of Urology
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