Research and Training

Cochlear Implant Research Program

UMass Memorial Medical Center is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones with hearing loss. That’s why members of our Cochlear Implant Research Program conduct research that advances the knowledge of cochlear implants and results in improved services for all implant recipients.

The Medical Center is also a site for Food and Drug Administration clinical trials of new implants, meaning that we evaluate and implement the most advanced hearing technologies and equipment. Staff members present the results of our work at national and international scientific meetings, and publish the same in peer reviewed audiology and otolaryngology journals.

Current Clinical Studies

We partner with the UMass Chan Medical School for our research program. The following studies are approved by its Institutional Review Board and are currently open for enrollment:

  • Simultaneous bilateral implantation
  • Use of objective measures in cochlear implant programming
  • Combined use of a cochlear implant and hearing aid

For more information about our research programs, contact Sarah Poissant, PhD: Email or call 413-545-4016,

For cochlear implants, call 508-856-4162 or 508-856-4161.