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Research and Teaching

At UMass Memorial Medical Center, we contribute more than excellent urologic care to the central New England communities we serve.

  • We’re also involved in important research and clinical trials to advance the field of urology.
  • Plus, through our partnership with UMass Medical School, we’re also training the next generation of urology specialists.

Urology Research and Clinical Trials at UMass Memorial Medical Center

As the only academic urology department in central and western Massachusetts, we are committed to improving the understanding of urologic disease through research, and developing new treatments that deliver the best-possible outcomes with the least invasiveness and cost.

If you are receiving urologic care at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, you have access to our ongoing clinical trials. Patients receiving urologic care at our affiliated hospitals may also be eligible. Please talk to your doctor to find out.

Here’s an overview of some of our current research studies and clinical trials:

  • Prostattak Trial: This is a placebo-controlled trial investigating the effectiveness and safety of using gene therapy prior to radiation therapy for some men with intermediate and high-risk prostate cancer.
  • IMP-3: This basic science project investigates the use of molecular staining for the IMP-3 protein for prognosticating tumors in patients with kidney cancer.
  • P3P: This is a web-based trial investigating the role of patient education in prostate cancer decision-making.
  • AUA Data Grant: This research project involves investigating changes in the use of PSA in contemporary medical proactive.
  • Primary Care Questionnaire: This research project involves investigating the use of PSA and the comfort level of prostate cancer screening among primary care physicians.

For more information on our research projects, please call us at 508-334-1095.

Training Programs at UMass Memorial Medical Center

As part of our dedication to training the Commonwealth’s next generation of urologists, a new five-year residency program in urology has been established at UMass Medical School. It began accepting applications in September 2015.

Learn more about our new urology residency training program at UMass Medical School.